Saturday, March 08, 2014


The title of this post is very Chemistry-ish. I guess school has rubbed off on me way too much? Just kidding.

Another outfit post yet again set in a bookstore. Okay so going to the main point of this post aka the outfit, I was just wearing a very big & loose tank top under the denim vest, a kinda velvet-y skater skirt, my creepers (which I have been wearing nonstop because I am ~*madly*~ in love with it), a cobalt blue bag (w/c looks darker in the photos). For the first time in history, I am using a very sophisticated-looking handbag. It looks very high fashun (w/c btw is so not me) but I used it to help add color and to dress up this outfit.

The day these pictures were taken was the day I was at BGC with my orig bitchez (this was like a month ago.....this blog is updated I swear). We spent the day hopelessly staring, awkwardly touchin' & feelin' Doc Martens shoes; penny boarding all the freaking time i.e. crossing the streets (well, my friends did bc I was too scared to try boarding yay me); laying on the floor & having a mini shoot in a bookstore; singing, rather, screaming at the karaoke booth; getting lost in the middle of the night (in search for the perfect restaurant to eat AND also in search for Starbucks); and; going home at midnight to call it a day.

This post should've been up a month ago but unfortunately I forgot this post even existed. I'm sorry for the shitty blogger that I am :-(

PS. I apologize for this photo heavy post.....not. There were a lot of good photo opp places but was just too lazy to whip out my camera and snap a photo *smiling face with halo emoji* But seriously though, I'm sorry for the poor quality of the photos all thanks to my dirty lens xo