Sunday, September 01, 2013

Cool Sh*t

Actually the tee and the moccasins are from Zara Boys and they're my brother's (except the moccasins which are technically mine). The shirt is a tad bit big for me so I tied it to a knot and also to add a bit of a twist to the outfit (no pun intended). These shorts I'm wearing is one of my faves because it's super comfy and the pockets at the back has a tribal/aztec design (though I wasn't able to take a picture of it because I'm too lazy, what's new?). 

Zara (Italy) graphic tee, Next Jeans denim shorts, Zara (Italy) moccasins

You should check out Zara's boy's section! The pieces there can also be unisex and I'm pretty sure if you have an edgy style, you'll love the pieces there!

I would love to know how you style big t-shirts and also your insights about this look. Comment below!

PS Sorry for the quality of the photos! My camera lens badly needs cleaning already and I need new camera lens.
PPS I know my blog title is indecent (idk if that's the word I'm looking for but you get me). We found this really cool book entitled Cool Sh*t as seen in the photos above and it has guides and steps on how to kill boredom and yeah it's pretty cool. Oh and by the way, I don't cuss ;)